Five Grain Events, LLC

Joan Cinquegrani, Owner and Lead Consultant

Joan Cinquegrani grew up with “Type A” tendencies. She planned her family vacations starting from age 13, she color coordinated her closet (even with her mother’s eye rolls), and continues to be the one to organize get-togethers for friends and family.

Sara Balsom, Senior Event Consultant

Sara grew up loving to organize parties and events and did so whenever she got the chance.  She started by planning dinner parties, wedding showers, family get-togethers, and sorority social events

Emily Rodecker, Senior Event Consultant / Client Experience Coordinator

Emily loves bringing people together to celebrate – for almost any reason. But weddings encompass many aspects of her favorite traits about herself – her ability to stay cool under pressure, foresee issues

Shannon Gonzalez, Senior Event Consultant

Just like theater, a wedding can be a major production. With a background in stage management, Shannon is no stranger to organizing events and is an expert problem solver who responds to all situations with calm and grace.

Jennifer Trudeau, Event Coordinator

Jennifer grew up in California, and from a young age two things were very clear:  she has a natural talent for all things artistic and loves to organize everything she can get her hands on

Jennifer Duczak, Event Coordinator

From the day she was tall enough to hang clothes in her closet, Jennifer began to showcase her organizational skills.  At the tender age of five she was already color-coordinating her entire wardrobe